Isabel Guthrie

San Francisco Operations

Isabel loves everything Schuchart/Dow!  She keeps the San Francisco office humming along with her upbeat, positive spirit and dedication to all of her colleagues- human and furry alike.  Her operational wizardry covers HR support, safety and vehicle coordination, event planning, marketing assistance and so much more.  She champions the team we are building and is first in line to offer her time, abilities and passion to further the company’s mission; such as leading the Schuchart/Dow Leap Sandcastle Classic group, which raises money for Bay Area school art programs.

After receiving degrees in sociology and communication from the University of California San Diego, Isabel worked in sales, marketing and promotion before joining the Schuchart/Dow family.  Since then she has proven herself to be a Swiss Army knife of talent and an irreplaceable asset to the company.

Isabel takes advantage of the outdoor activities California has to offer- cycling in Marin, running through Golden Gate Park, snowboarding, backpacking and recently learning to kayak.   But who knows, soon you may catch a glimpse of her adeptly surfing a wave along the beach!