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We are committed to building memorable homes.

Our Approach

The most challenging part of residential construction is the handoff from architect to builder. It’s the point where vision and dreams come in direct contact with the reality of construction. Vision can get misinterpreted, quality compromised, materials misunderstood and the investment made to design a unique residence gets lost.

Schuchart/Dow offers clients a collaborative model that integrates design, planning and development to address these challenges. We dedicate an experienced team made up of a partner, superintendent, and project manager to each project, working side by side, collaboratively balancing design and implementation needs. We seamlessly pick up from design without missing a beat and move to pre-planning, full construction and post-construction support. Our project planners, combined with the strategy and creative support of our managing partners, establish highly effective plans while accelerating construction and reducing costs.

We execute designs precisely and efficiently by identifying the design intent and focusing and re-focusing the plan until it meets everyone's expectations.



Core strengths are scheduling, budgets, handling challenges of any sort, finding possible solutions, and managing time and budget.